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My family and I have been rearranging our entire house: painting, moving, fixing, modifying, and going through every single thing we own.

The last time I went through my things was when I moved across the country in 2013, and I was so deeply depressed that I didn’t care to look through it any longer than it took for me to shove it in to a box. But now that I’ve welcomed someone new (it’s been 6 years, is that really still considered new?) in to my life, it’s finally time to rethink my decades of collected things.

Going through my childhood toys took me almost a year because sentimentality turned my anxiety up to its max. I loved this toy, I can’t abandon it now. What if I want to give it to my kid? It reminds me of happy times… etc. But my biggest problem is not toys or clothes or books but Sentimental Paper™.

I’m talking birthday cards and report cards; notes to friends when I was 13; doodles; school projects; every assignment I ever turned in; bad drawings; journals; letters; advertisements; shopping lists; movie tickets… boxes and boxes of papers that I just couldn’t throw out but that served no purpose other than taking up space and bringing me the melancholy of a more distant youth every 10 or so years when I decided to go through them. I knew they were only weighing me down but I couldn’t let them go.

About a year in to third round of “I’m going through the stuff in the garage,” my friend sent me a video of a woman who makes recycled paper from dryer lint and a huge light bulb went off above my head. What a way to acknowledge the sentimentality of my collection all while creating something new and usable? To create my own paper infused with the memories of my youth!

There are about a million different places to find recipes for papermaking online, but here is my humble photo post about it.

The magickal possibilities are endless, but here are some spells I’ve come up with:

Growing in Words

These are the words that made me, and I am grateful for their power. They nurtured me as a seed, and now it’s time to flower.

Which type of paper to use: A collection of old journal pages is great for this. They can be made in to a new book or individual sheets.

Use: On the recycled paper, a new journal can be started or a collection of poems or stories–something that shows the growth of your style of written word.

Spell Tips: Inspiration comes in the form of violet, so that can be incorporated the blending in the flowers with the paper or pressing them in while the pulp is still wet.

A Goodbye to a Painful Past

I’ve held this as a reminder, to justify my pain. But I banish this heavy sorrow, it cannot hurt me again.

Which type of paper to use: This is a banishment spell for a collection of letters or writings from, to, and about someone who has caused you trauma. These things you couldn’t bring yourself to throw away, but now you can force them out of your life.

Use: On this paper, write all the things you wish to invite in to your life. All your positivities.

Spell Tips: Add rosemary to the paper mix to give it a nice scent and colour, as well as to welcome a new beginning in to your life.

Fold the papers with intention and add to a fire along with bay leaves. As the smoke rises, visualise the evils of your past being absorbed by light and floating to the universe. Imagine the same change happening in you as you breathe in the earthy scent of bay and feel the heat that your desires have created. Feel how much stronger they are than the sorrow.

A New Era

Since the beginning, I have been loved to the utmost. Now it’s time to send it back in the most interesting post.

Which type of paper to use: Letters that have been collected and cards as well are good for this (though paperweights and colours should be accounted for).

Use: This paper can be used to write letters to loved ones around the world and create the most meaningful snail mail.

Spell Tips: Add rose petals to this paper to give it a loving aura.

Healthy Wishes

I have crossed over mountains chasing my health, recklessly and flexibly. May my journey be furthered along by some very healthful recipes.

Which type of paper to use: Old hospital bills, doctor’s notes, visit summaries, surgery info packets; old recipes, grocery lists–anything health related good or bad!

Use: For writing new recipes: either for food or for spells or projects. Health is in the mind, body, and spirit. If you’re on a journey towards better health, this can be used for tracking your progress in that direction e.g. mood trackers; exercise notes; medication notes; or your Materia Medica.

Spell Tips: Add turmeric to this one for a fun yellow colour and a reminder of health of all sorts.

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