3 Oysters Peacock Green

  • Colour: Teal. More blue than green, though it is called “Peacock Green.”
  • Special Attributes:
    • Shade: Yes, some.
    • Sheen: Zilch.
    • Shimmer: No.
  • Watercolour Usage: Water really activates this ink. It spreads it quickly and heavily. It would be better for over all washes or careful applications in art. Wasn’t the subtle blend I was expecting it to be. The pencil lines are still visible through the ink. (This was before I switched to tracing my pencil drawings with ink before painting them in.)
  • Harkens to Mind: Glintstone sorcery in Elden Ring, forest pools that glimmer under moonlight.
  • Similar to: All teals are really similar. This one is more saturated then Noodler’s Blue Nose Bear, and greener than Diamine Aqua Lagoon.
  • Expense: $16/38ml as of 2023.
  • Example: Maria Di Castellani.

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Writing Sample


I love teal every time it happens, so of course I love it. The expressive flow with water that this provides makes it lovely for artwork.

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