Robert Oster Astorquiza Rot

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  • Colour: Dark red that sways close to the brown category.
  • Special Attributes:
    • Shade: Some.
    • Sheen: None.
    • Shimmer: Zip.
  • Watercolour Usage: Like Jacques Herbin Rouge d’Orient, this stuff loves water a little too much. You could easily make an entire sheet of paper red with this (pinkish red).
  • Harkens to Mind: Rust, clay that you find once you dig a nice enough hole.
  • Similar to: A bit like Diamine Oxblood but no sheen.
  • Expense: $18/50ml as of 2023.
  • Example: It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten her name.

Writing Sample


I think red inks suffer from being too similar. But I do like that this one is less sticky that oxblood. What I mean is that it doesn’t gunk up my feed as readily. So for deep brown-reds, this one is my favourite.

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