Current Season, Wheel of the Year


02 July

The yard is so colourful in summer.

01 July

White Rabbits!

And more foxgloves! This time, popping through a rhododendron.

30 June

This will one day be a Velvet Queen sunflower.

29 June

28 June

So many different shades of pink!

27 June

One of the many beautiful foxgloves.

26 June

The strawberries are really growing quickly! It feels so soon!

25 June

A whole family of lilies.

24 June

Calla Lily #3

23 June

Calla Lily #2

22 June

I took a lot of really nice pictures of the lilies and will probably be sharing all of them over the next week.

21 June

The Summer Solstice is upon us! Happy Litha!

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