Current Season, Wheel of the Year

♉︎ 22

20 May

Closing out Taurus season with a thing similar to what I was doing yesterday but this time with D, Hunter of the Dead. I will share the pretty pretty finished pictures soon.

19 May

Spend the day helping people with Mohg and drawing Sorcerer Rogier.

18 May

17 May

Japanese Barberry. Also invasive. Also lovely.

16 May

The Himalayan Clematis smells so good every year. I usually let it climb on to the deck and do as it pleases.

15 May

At least we have rhododendrons everywhere.

14 May

Sweet violets. A plant that some of my neighbours spray with chemicals to kill for reasons I cannot understand.

13 May

Time to get these darlings to their home where they will crawl up the trellis I made. Mostly morning glories.

12 May

Broom. It’s an invasive species that they brought to the coast on purpose to fend off erosion.

11 May

In the race, the pink ones beat the white ones to bloom. But it’s really no competition.

10 May

Welcome to the white Rhododendrons! It’s nice to live in a place with amazing wild foliage.

09 May

The apple tree has more blossoms than I’ve ever seen. Probably a hundred of them and she’s barely six feet tall. I hope we get at least one apple this autumn, but if not, I’ll enjoy the blossoms now anyway.

08 May

This is a little Hollyhock sprout coming up in the greenhouse. So far, most things are sprouting!

07 May

I do not know what these are, but they grow all over the place. Wherever it is wet. And they are like little lamposts.

06 May

Japanese Maple!

05 May

I’m against hurting dandelions until they hurt me.

04 May

Blueberry blossoms!

03 May

I’m still not entirely sure what this is? Is it huckleberry? Is it Chinese box? They certainly are abundant.

02 May

So many blackberry bushes are on the rise. We will have so many blackberries this autumn and I am thrilled about it.

01 May

White Rabbits and Blessed Beltane! Here’s a shot from the incredibly thoughtful bouquet my friend sent me on my birthday.

30 April

A little peak of the rhododendron on its way out. It still feels so darn cold outside, but I have lots of sprouts in the greenhouse. Nature is moving along as always.

29 April

Happy birthday to me. The Ethiopian brown chili pepper sprouted. I was beginning to get worried, but it seems it was only waiting to surprise me.

28 April

Fiddleheads coming out. The world is awakening.

27 April

Since it’ll be raining on my birthday, we did our outside viewing of Jurassic Park today. I have seen this film more than 300 times and it is still amazing every time. The first time I saw it was in a drive-in movie theatre during its release in 1993 (right after we survived a massive southern California earthquake), and this brought back memories like seeing it for the first time.

26 April

Lucy! My darling best girl.

25 April

Well, Veles was yesterday, Arthur today (I’ll bet tomorrow will be no surprise to future me.)

24 April

Veles, the curious cat. He’s been raised with a camera in his face, so he isn’t exactly surprised. But he does seem to be done with my bullshit.

23 April

Moss. It’s such an interesting microworld in there. I would like to draw some someday.

22 April

The Moonwort is still going strong since I’ve planted it in the ground. What a pretty purple!

21 April

A fountain pen repair day! Another Esterbrook J (I think I have four to repair now.)

20 April

We’re in to my sun sign now. Let’s hope for gardening to punctuate the month. The succulent cuttings that I accidentally dropped last year are doing amazing, though. A bit of Earth for Earth Day, as it were.

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