Architect Nib

I’ve always been a fan of interesting nibs. EF, F, M, B are all great but there are some creative people in this world who make the writing and drawing experience ever more fun.

I have yet to order a custom grind on a nib (mostly because I do not understand how. You write a stranger an email and then give them money? The internet can be a spooky place.), but I was thrilled when I saw Fountain Pen Revolution offering an architect nib without the need for a custom order.

I jumped at this opportunity as soon as I could and got one to try in both their #6 and #5.5 size.

All I really knew about architect nibs are that they are used when writing languages which use an Arabic script. So, I figured I had to try and write out a short Farsi poem by Fereydoun Moshiri. I’m no expert at writing Farsi, but I think it looked glorious with the nib. I dare not even attempt a similar feat with a boring F nib!

Ink: Fountain Pen Revolution Cosmic Pink

What can I say? I have no problems with this nib. I suppose the only word of caution is that the #6 is big and puts down a lot of ink. It’s not for unfriendly paper, that’s for certain.

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