Wheel of the Year

Beltane 2022

Beltane: the sabbat that comes just two days after my birthday. Generally it’s tough to pack all that celebration in to one three-day period, so we take it easy.

This Beltane was spent outside planting and having fun conversation in the day and then the current evening obsession: Elden Ring.

The bowls among the reeds.

I did take out my crystal bowls for a great welcoming of the springtime. The “last frost” in my area is said to be the end of April. So I expect no more sub-forty nights until November. Things are growing and budding, though. The morning glories are sprouting and I’ll soon take them to the trellis that I built from reeds. I am excited to have those vining beauties all over the patio. The tomatoes are sprouting too. This looks like it will be a successful harvest come August and September.

Lasagna made with three different homemade “cheeses”

It was also the last day before a medical food cleanse. So it’s raw fruits and vegetables only for the next three weeks.

Good thing I like raw fruits and vegetables.

And, another moment here just to show the beautiful bouquet my friend sent me for my birthday. I’m just overjoyed by it.

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