Herbin Rollerball

These pens are incredible and I don’t know why anyone would argue that point with me.

Sometimes, a fountain pen is too finicky a utensil for what one wants to do. Quick writing, for example, such as brainstorming or when one is really in to a flow and needs to get all their ideas out. Sure, there are incredibly fountain pens out there, but the feel of a rollerball is often so nice and welcome.

Enter: The Herbin Rollerball.

I never ever planned to buy rollerballs because, like ballpoints, they come with such boring black or blue options. There’s not a need, in my opinion, to spend more than $3 for a pen with a little ball bearing in it. If I wanted to write in black ink on any kind of paper known to man, I would use a Pilot G-2.

However, there are some rollerball pens that will take fountain pen ink. The most affordable of which is this gorgeous little pen from the makers of some of my favourite inks: Jacques Herbin.

It takes short cartridges, but one can also finagle a short little Kaweco converter on to them if you try hard enough.

It’s a short little pen. Very portable.

I have had such a good experience with this pen that I have purchased multiple to try different inks. You see, cleaning the ink out to change colours is -5 fun on a scale of 1-10, as these are not easy to disassemble, but they are pretty cheap to buy. I found 3 used for $5 at one point and that was a highlight of my pen-collecting days.

They are smooth, though sometimes a bit squeaky, and I hear there is an additive to help with the lubrication, but it hasn’t bothered me. And I have yet to have one dry out even after months of non-use.

10/10 would recommend.

Ink: Noodler’s Blue Nose Bear
Paper: Black ‘n’ Red notebook

Look at how the colour of Noodler’s Blue Nose Bear changes over time. I’ve had that ink there for months. This was written (on Rhodia Paper) when it was freshly inked.

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