Fountain Pen Revolution Himalaya

I just really love these pens. When I began my search for the flexiest of all the nibs, all the advice I had was “you have to go vintage.” So I went vintage and that was an expensive trip! Fountain Pen Revolution, though, they make modern flex pens that you can get for 1/6 the price and still enjoy all that delightful flex!

Over two years, I’ve purchased a total of four of the Himalayas, but I have the FPR flex nib on, I think, nine different pens. I’ve also tried the Kanwrite from them, which has its own type of flex nib.

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3 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Revolution Himalaya

  1. Yes! I so agree about the Himalaya! I have a V2 Himalaya with a #6 nib, and it is amazing. My favorite flex pen. I’d love to get a few more to have inked with different colors.

    1. Isn’t it just fantastic? Oh I love that there is an affordable flex that works well and is super flexy. If I could, I’d love to just have a hundred different vintage Watermans’ filled with different colours of ink, but since I’m not a millionaire these pens save my sanity haha. Have you tried the FPR Triveni with the same nib? It’s a much longer pen and I kind of like that about it.

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