Vinta Maskara

  • Colour: Blue purple.
  • Special Attributes:
    • Shade: Yes, definitely.
    • Sheen: Zilch.
    • Shimmer: No.
  • Watercolour Usage: It works well with water, blending, and creating beautiful clouds. Not easy to get a wash out of it, though.
  • Harkens to Mind: Hydrangea, blueberries throughout their ripening.
  • Similar to: Pretty close to Kobe Hydrangea, but also very different.
  • Expense: $13.50/30ml as of 2022.
  • Example: The photograph only said “Dutch West Indian Woman.” So here she is, immortal once again.

Link to buy this artwork

Writing Sample


Oh just like all Vinta inks, it’s beautiful and amazing and I love it. I used up the sample incredibly quickly so perhaps this one is in my future in large size.

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