Wheel of the Year


20 June

End this sign on a fun little proto-strawberry!

19 June

Little oxalis flower.

18 June

More rose buds and foxgloves. Nature is just taking over.

17 June

Foxgloves are always welcome in the garden. No matter what anyone says.

16 June

I always think the rose bushes won’t make it and they keep going. Such a lovely treat.

15 June

Yet another ghost spider friend that I found out in the garden.

14 June

Red Valerian, also known as Jupiter’s Beard.

13 June

I love the way lilac smells.

12 June

A little slug friend.

11 June

More progress on that tragic drawing.

10 June

These Calla Lilies are taller than I am and completely wild. We did not plant them, they simply appeared.

09 June

A finished drawing of Miriel!

08 June

My father sent me a bonsai azalea as an apology. These are unprecedented times. There was even a little snail friend attached.

07 June

Apple blossoms in full swing.

06 June

Not sure how this will come out, but it is my current idea.

05 June

It smells so nice outside!

04 June

A little crab spider on the calendula. All I had was my phone when I saw this little darling, but I think I captured it pretty well.

03 June

My finished drawing of Rogier.

02 June

Both lilacs are in bloom this year! What a treat!

01 June

White Rabbits!

Today marks the day I received a modern Esterbrook Estie. Wow what a pretty pen!

31 May

More sketching.

30 May

I honestly do not know what these sweet little flowers are, but they grow in one little patch over in the shade near a fern and I appreciate their beauty.

29 May

All hail the turtle pope, Miriel, Pastor of Vows.

28 May

What more can be said? Rhododendrons punctuate the light half of the year.

27 May

A little spider friend.

26 May

The very beginnings of Radagon. Not sure if I should somehow include Marika’s hammer in there.

25 May

At least the lilacs are in bloom.

24 May

Working on another drawing from the obsession of the moment. Today was a tragic day, so I feel a bit similar to these two.

23 May

The little Sequoia I propagated almost a year ago is still hanging on and I am impressed. It lived in a cup of water for about 7 months.

22 May

More and more rhododendron blooms!

21 May

Starting with my finished drawing of D, Hunter of the Dead.

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