Wheel of the Year


22 August

Ending this season with a very fancy spider.

21 August

Second year of the gladiolas.

20 August


19 August

A bee on the lavender that everyone said wouldn’t make it.

18 August

A tiny spider friend.

17 August

And just in case we forgot what a Calendula looks like in bloom.

16 August

Another Calendula making seeds.

15 August

Calendula has such strange seeds.

14 August

I wasn’t sure the jasmine would bloom. It smells so nice!

13 August


12 August

The Velvet Queen has arrived!

11 August

A tiny bee on a tiny calendula.

10 August

Foggy afternoons are so sacred.

09 August

The phlox looking fabulous.

08 August

Warak Enab. Stuffed Grape Leaves.

07 August

Awww the Sequoia is getting bark!

06 August

Lucy is finally enjoying her orthopedic bed. (And Veles still thinks the biggest bed is for him, the smallest animal).

05 August

My first try at veganising Sheikh El Mahshi. A Lebanese

04 August

Another Sailor Shikiori pen. I’m really a fan!

03 August

Veles looking very nice in his environment.

02 August

Strawberries are still coming up.

01 August

White rabbits and a yellow rose.

31 July

My sequoia is getting so big!

30 July

A happy patch of Shasta Daisies.

29 July

Rose campion.

28 July

Some Hebe flowers are still left, but most have faded. It’s almost Lughnasadh after all.

27 July

Hydrangeas looking beautiful!

26 July

Oh the summer sun amongst all the trees. So lovely.

25 July

A little 5 minute sketch of the jar with the waterlily in it. I should sketch more.

24 July

The daisies reach towards the sun.

23 July

A fuzzy little bee butt hanging around the hosta flowers.

22 July

Starting off the season with another crab spider photo. I love to see how webless spiders live their lives. Love the drama of the second spider’s legs behind the petals of the flower. A real family event.

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