Wheel of the Year

Lughnasadh 2022

The first harvest celebration this year didn’t have a whole lot to harvest. The Dahlias aren’t even in bloom yet!

This is a good example of why following a calendar isn’t the best way to attune oneself to nature. I’d celebrate Lughnasadh when both the Dahlias and the Sunflowers have bloomed. And I just may begin to go off of that marker, for that’s when it truly feels like it is harvest season.

We did harvest 3 blackberries, all of them very unripe, but we tried. And we cooked and enjoyed festivities together. The corn dollies from last year were burnt and new ones created; and we enjoyed a very nice vegetable and bean soup.

In the garden, many flowers are still in bloom while others are just coming up. The foxgloves are losing their final petals and the roses are coming up by the dozen. The hebe has finished and the rose campion are beginning to wilt. The ferns, however, are releasing their spores. Everything in nature takes its time and grows when it is well and ready to do so. We could all take some of that advice.

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