Wheel of the Year


22 September

The equinox is here! It is Mabon!

But, instead of spending the day out in nature, we came to the city and one of us became a citizen of a new country!

21 September

Today, I went all the way to Portland to get ready for the Citizenship Ceremony. While there, I found a very fun Neil Gaiman autograph at a very fun bookstore.

20 September

Nearly the equinox. How lovely our skies are.

19 September

A William Sharp poem I found in an old Harper’s Monthly Magazine.

17 September

A new spider friend who made a beautiful web out on the deck.

15 September

The first pumpkin display of the year!

13 September

It’s looking more and more like autumn every day.

12 September

A nice look at the Vinta Piloncitos ink I adore.

11 September

The blackberry harvest is basically complete for this year. Much was shared with the deer.

10 September

09 September

It has been a minute since a famous face inspired me to draw the same lines over and over again. But here we are. Congrats to this guy (and also apologies to him).

08 September

Tried to make some Panamanian Arroz con Tempeh. I’m reminded I should use capers more often in food.

07 September


06 September

For Cleawox Lake.

05 September

A little turtle for the kayaking event.

04 September

There’s a Sandman drawing I can get behind.

03 September

Blue skies will soon be a rarity. The fog will roll in and won’t roll out for 6 months or so. Bring it on.

02 September

Some sequoias from the Redwood Forest that Seva brought me.

01 September

White Rabbits!

I’m helping my mother with a design for her kayaking event. She needed a wealth of local wildlife drawn. The osprey was my first show.

31 August

This didn’t work out, but my colour choices are going really well if you ask me.

30 August


29 August

Veles in prime napping position.

28 August

Look who it is.

27 August

Some Canna Lilies we just planted in the garden.

26 August

Another strawberry thief.

25 August

Did up a review for Vinta Piloncitos today. I love when I have the time and drive to make posts like that.

24 August

This could take up the whole month.

23 August

Starting off the season with a Stellar Jay that I hung out with for a while while they picked the strawberries off of our strawberry plant. It’s okay, we can share.

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