Kakimori Kurun

  • Colour: A neutral green pigment ink.
  • Special Attributes:
    • Shade: Some with a lot of ink laid down.
    • Sheen: None.
    • Shimmer: No.
  • Watercolour Usage: Once this ink dries, it’s pretty set. The outlines were unblendable. But when water is added to the wet ink, it can make a nice light green.
  • Harkens to Mind: Dark patina, leaves of rainforest plants.
  • Similar to: By colour it’s similar to Faber-Castell Moss but it has no sheen.
  • Expense: $30/35ml as of 2022.
  • Example: The label said only “Hawaiian Woman.”

Link to buy this artwork

Writing Sample


Pigmented inks are a special breed of ink. I appreciate the water resistance for writing, but the thickness of the ink just isn’t fun for me personally.

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