Pilot Falcon

I preordered this pen in December and it took a few months to arrive. I know I have some amazing flexible nibs, so I didn’t expect to be wowed by a “soft” nib, but I must say that I am impressed!

It is not fit for writing on “decent” fountain pen paper (like those Peter Pauper Press notebooks which can handle EF nibs most of the time) because when it is pressed to flex, it really digs in to do so. But it can be easily used without any flex at all.

I find I use it quite frequently, though. Even though the flex is not mind-blowing, the fineness of that Pilot EF is so delightful that it make any flex look amazing. Seriously, if Pilot made an honest flex nib, I would be first in line.

Ink used: Colorverse Hubble
Paper used: Black ‘n’ Red notebook

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